PERC: Parent Education Resource Center

PERC is a multi-service program which is part of the Academy of Physical and Social Development. The needs of children, parents and families can be addressed through the following services:

Individual Counseling

Counseling may be initiated for children or adolescents. Counseling services are available for short term and long term therapeutic issues.






Parent Consultation

Parents are assisted in devising plans specific to behavioral, emotional or learning difficulties in the home, school or social setting.

Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is a connection between parents and an Academy staff member. Coaching is not therapy or counseling but instead a consultation that presumes many things are going well within the family yet needs are emerging and parents wish to gain perspective on these new developments. Coaching is not designed to be healing and transformative (such as the case in counseling) but to provide responses to questions parents may have. Parent coaching assists parents in enhancing their capacity to parent by providing information that can be used immediately, efficiently and effectively to contribute to overall family success.

No one is given a manual on how to be a parent and how to adapt to the ever changing socio-cultural climate in which we live. Many parents often state, “ It wasn’t like that when I was a kid.” To this end, parent coaching could be experienced as self-care for parents and their children.

Parents can seek coaching for many reasons depending upon their child’s age and developmental level. These could include, but not be limited too:

  • Navigating the special education process and IEP meetings
  • Structuring a play-date and/or weekends
  • Managing a social-media driven world
  • When to communicate and how to talk with children about challenging and/or serious topics (e.g., loss, disability)
  • Assessing your rules, boundaries and philosophy on limit setting
  • Enhancing routines
  • What services you can ask for from your child’s school
  • Beginning the college search process
  • Finding the right summer program
  • What would be an appropriate independent or alternative school options


Workshop occur through out the academic year and cover the following topics:

  • Positive discipline – setting limits proactively
  • Ways parents can help children develop social skills
  • Influences on the emotional life of children and adolescence
  • Loss and transition
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Anger, depression and the "Boy Culture"
  • Navigating the special education process
*The Academy is also available to present these topics to PTC/PTO groups and other parenting organizations.

Interested families should contact Ken Barringer, M.A.,LMHC Director at 617-969-2200 x12 or email.


The Academy is a child and adolescent centered agency offering a social skills group program, individual counseling, and school-based services to Newton and the greater Boston Area.