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Watertown Public Schools
Direct service to students on IEPs, consultation with Special Ed.Dept. (elementary, middle, & high school)
Beaver Country Day School
Inservice training: Development in adolescent adoptees
Fayerweather Street School
Consultation around challenging students
Bartlett School
Assessment of students and classroom behavior
St. Stephens School
Teacher training on classroom behavior management
Groups in schools 2 day workshop on mental health in schools
Watertown Public Schools
Design & implement summer program for special ed. students
Boston College High School
Support and supervision of the adjustment counselor and guidance staff
Conservatory Lab Charter
Provide social work staff for school
Adaptive PE for grades K1, K2 & 1
Adaptive PE for grades K-5
Needham Public Schools
Hired through grant for social and recreational enhancement
Watertown Middle School
Conduct therapy groups after-school for parents and students
Milton Public Schools
Train pupil personnel staff on conduct pragmatic social skills groups
Bishop Feehan High School   Adolescent depression training
Les Petit Nursery School
Behavior management of "difficult" children
Timony Grammar School
"Piecing Us Together" - topic of bullying
LEAP Schools
Positive play with preschoolers
Fuller Middle School
Train intern staff on running groups
Marshfield Public Schools
Social skills groups with Aspergers children
Devotion School
Management of playground; rules, safety, design
Provincetown Public Schools
Social skill groups with Autism spectrum disorders
Newton Public Schools
Assist social work staff design and implement group programs
Brookline Public Schools
"Unity Through Community Day"
Watertown After School
Curriculum design and implementation, supervision with staff
Lextended Day Program
Staff training
Shirley Public Schools
Hired through grant for social and recreational enhancement
Year long PD training on working with students who have social-emotional needs

Camp Erin
Clinical Consultant
Two day course on adolescent mental health
Harvard Med School
Cambridge Hospital Services

Lecture: Pervasive Developmental Disorder
LD Network   Conference presenter: Social skills training with the NLD child
Children's Group Therapy Assoc.
Conference presenter: Learning life skills through play
Conference presenter: Stages and roles in groups
Conference presenter: Effective group leadership
Consultation: Social skills and self-esteem
Dana Farber
Training: Social / Emotional development with children
Judge Baker Children's Center
Training: Early childhood prevention project
Charles River
Training: Group structure and organization
Design and implementation of summer program
Boston Area Nannies
Consultation: Limit Setting
Group leadership training / 1 week intensive and 12 week course

Beaver Country Day School
Influences on the lives of middle school students
BCHS Mother's Guild   Contemporary Adolescent Issues
Ripple Effect
Influences on emotional life of children
Needham PTC
Understanding the emotional life of children
NLD Parent Support
Social / emotional life of children with NLD
Bright School PTO
Needham SPED PAC
Social skill development
Braintree SEPAC
Social skill development
Braintree SEPAC
Parent / child night bullying and teasing
Panel discussion on resources
Mitchell School PTO
Social skill development
Mendon-Upton PAC
Social skill development
Watertown PAC
Social skill development
Adoptive Families Together
Anger and adoption
Limit setting with ADHD children and adolescents
Academy Parent Groups
Limit setting / understanding anger / sibling issues

Lesley University
Clinical Practice and Supervision Course
Boston College School of Education
Seminar in group counseling; Contract supervision for students in the mental health counselor program
Boston University Medical School
Psychopathology of childhood, Psychopathology and Ethical issues in Child therapy, Seminar on adolescent development

 425 Rear Watertown Street, Newton, MA 02458   |   Phone: (617) 969-2200   |   Fax: (617) 244-4906   |   Email: info@academynewton.com